Soft war commanders Competencies in Jihad Tabayin

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3 Assistant Professor, Department of Human Capital Management, Imam Hossein University, Tehran, Iran


Jihad has many branches, which are divided in a general category into jihad in the hard field and jihad in the soft field. Today, under the category of soft jihad, "explanation jihad" is a duty. "Explanation Jihad" is a definite duty and an urgent duty, and anyone who can should take action. However, this jihad, like any other jihad, has commanders who must have certain qualifications. In this article, by using the theme analysis method and using MAXQDA software, it has been tried to calculate the competencies of soft war commanders in Jihad. The tool of data collection in this research was the interview of experts, for this purpose, the interviews were continued until the theoretical saturation was reached, and a total of 10 experts were interviewed. After analyzing the conducted interviews, a number of 680 primary themes were obtained, and after refining, 653 basic themes were formed. The organization of the basic themes was done in the form of 10 organizing themes and finally the organizing themes were categorized in the form of 3 comprehensive themes of knowledge competences, dispositional competences and behavioral competences.


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