Editor's speech (Crisis Management based on an apology in the style of Sardar Hajizadeh)

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Department of Public Administration, Tehran University


When the word crisis is uttered, one feels fear and panic. A crisis is a specific, unexpected, unusual event or set of defined events that creates a high level of lack of confidence and perceived threat or threat to goals with a high priority in society or organization. Researchers such as Fink, 61986; Gشtشskal, 1993; Lerbinger, 1997; Mitroff, 1988; Rey, 1999; Weiger et al., 1998; Unexpectedly, they describe that can have negative or positive results. Although a crisis situation can be disruptive, a crisis is not always harmful. ‌In fact, ‌ When a crisis is seen as an opportunity to learn, it can be constructive and beneficial to the organization or society. (EVeil, 2011, p.117)