English abstract


Imam Hussein University


Rational deductions and inferences from the verses and traditions indicate that the universe is purposeful, and that the general procedure of the history is moving towards a clear, perfect, and cheerful future. From Shiite teachings viewpoint, this move will lead to the establishment of the city of Mahdavi justice which illustrates the end of history. But the idealist society of Mahdavi and Hayat Tayyebah (pure life) will not be realized by itself and needs to be grounded. The establishment of a dominant ruling power and good governance system can be considered as one of the most important factors for Zohoor. The role of the just rulers and the type of influence of the governing system can accelerate the formation of the emerging society or postpone it. The key question underlying this research is: “What are the characteristics of good governance for paving the way for Zohoor?” Since the concept of good governance has a broad and deep meaning, it was necessary to identify its components and to present it as a model. In this regard, using meta-analysis method, the articles and books related to the topic were reviewed and the concepts of good governance which paved the way for Zohoor were identified. Then, the concepts underlying emergence were positioned properly. Referring to the verses of the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths, good governance was visualized. It is worth noting that the model of visualization of grounding governance for emergence was discussed and evaluated in several meetings.


Zafari, Hussein; PhD of futurology at the University of Tehran, faculty member at Imam Hussein Comprehensive University