Designing a Cultural Policymaking Model for Cities with the Centrality of Jam’e Mosques and Friday Imams


1 Master’s degree of Islamic knowledge and public administration, researcher at Rushd Institute, Imam Sadegh University

2 PhD candidate at Islamic knowledge and public administration, researcher at Rushd Institute, Imam Sadegh University

3 city cultural policymaking, Friday Imams, comprehensive (Jam’e) mosques, popular institutions


Governments, in some way, intervene in the regulation of culture and certain policies. Different views are expressed regarding policymaking from top to bottom or vice versa. Using cultural interviews and different methods of analysis, the researchers tried to present a model based on reviews and investigations on cultural policies through a native approach. Considering the wide scope of the subject in designing a model for policymaking, the research has been conducted only at city level. In this model, the comprehensive (Jam’e) mosque of the city is considered as the center of decision-making and the Friday Imam, who represent the supreme leader (Vali Faghih) in the city, as the source of the decisions. The rest of the factors related to this issue are considered as effective elements in elaboration and visualization of the system and in the achievement of a desirable policy. Finally, there are suggestions for implementing this model.


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