Identifying Dimensions and Elements of Transformational Leadership in Researches and Self-Competency Jihad of the Armed Forces Based on Imam Khamenei’s Statements


1 Associate Professor, Malek Ashtar Industrial University

2 Associat Professor of Imam Hussein (pbuh) Complex University

3 Correspondent Author: Strategic Defensive Sciences Ph.D


According to the organization and management literature,Transformational Leadership Theory has won fame in the field of effectively administering knowledge forces in pioneer organizations. Hence, the article is to analyze the grand leader’s statements for presenting the dimensions and elements of transformational leadership via the grounded theory. In the research, the sayings of hazrat Imam Khamenei(may his high shadow last) were studied thoroughly.Continuing the process, 155 statements were selected and 173 codes, 25 elements, and 5 dimensions were identified through open and axial encodings. Finally, the resulting dimensions and elements expanded the concept of the transformational leadership dimensions, meanwhile, they have transcended seven elements and added one dimension to the model of the transformational leadership as well as four elements.