Military Commanders’ Leadership Style From the Viewpoint of Amirolmomenin Hazrat Ali (Alayhessalam(A.S.)) in the Nahjolbalagheh


1 Associate Professor, Imam Hussein University

2 Assistante Professor, Imam Hussein University

3 Correspondent Author: Ph.D. in Systems Management


Amirolmomenin hazrat Ali (Alayhessalam(A.S.)) , as a powerful commander and the chief of the pure hearts of the combatants of Islam, had a special style in influencing combatant forces and other addressees; like: common people, relatives, and enemies which is resulted from the revelation and derived from the traditions of the holy prophet of Islam- hazrat Mohammad ( salla Allah alayhe va aleh (peace be upon him and his progeny)). We have tried to study his letters, sermons, and wise sayings in the Nahjolbalagheh to identify and explain the principles governing over his military leadership style. The methodology is the grounded theory. Extracting 1046 concepts out of the whole source led to the formulation of his leadership style displaying his personal and religious beliefs and the way of interacting with four groups of addressees. According to the findings of the research, the favorable leadership style from the viewpoint of Amirolmomenin hazrat Ali (Alayhessalam(A.S.))  is contingency style based on the principles of belief and it is duty-oriented which is used for people, relatives, and enemies through proper strategies, sympathetic guidance, brotherly observation, sever caring, andbravely campaign. Executing such a style, which has been called wise leadership and command style, leads to achieving success in missions,and the growth of human beings and Allah’s satisfaction.