Elaborating Status of Sustenance Law and Believing in It in Business from the Holy Quran


1 Associate Professor, Imam Sadegh (pbuh) University

2 Correspondent Author: Doctoral Student in Marketing Management – Islamic Free University, Tehran , Center Unit


This article tries to use the subject research method in the holy Quran , underlining the Almizan interpretation, in order to elaborate the sustenance law ( sunnah) and its dimensions. Three dimensions were regarded for the conceptual model in which the sustenance, the provider, and the one who is provided with sustenance are the main topics. In the first topic, subjects as evidences of sustenance, sustenance descriptions, sustenance expansion and contraction, reasons, and causes of sustenance were elaborated. In the second topic, Allah, the Exalted, was introduced as the Real Provider. In the third topic, various subjects as the behaviors of those who are provided with sustenance against sustenance expansion and contraction, behavioral damages in exploiting favors, and the duties of those who are provided with sustenance in return for exploiting sustenance were elaborated. Next, two organizational functions for institutionalizing the sustenance law (sunnah) were explained. The first function lays stress on paying attention to the Divine laws in different levels of organizational programming. The second function is rereading the principle of competition as the most basic concept in the strategic management theories based on the market attitude for which a four-level path of analysis was proposed. The levels of the path are: eschatology, knowing law (sunnah), knowing relations, and methodology. This article provides for knowing law (sunnah) level to some extent. Of course, some directions were given for knowing relations level to help analyze inter personal relations of the people in the society.