Effective Command Charter from the Nahjolbalaghah View Point


1 Member of Scientific Board, Imam Hussein (pbuh) University

2 Assistant Professor, Imam Hussein (pbuh) University


The research, named as “the effective command charter in the disciplinary force from the Nahjolbalaghah view point”, on one hand,is impressed by the high goals of the Islamic system in multilateral security area, the disciplinary command’s role to achieve these goals, and the lack of a model to follow in order to attain the most results by losing the least casualties, time, and possibilities; and by the opportunities and threats in the external environment and strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment, on the other. The article is to determine the effective command charter in NAJA through exploratory study from the valuable Nahjolbalaghah. The article, which is the result of a research, is based on an applied objective, descriptive-inferential analysis, and documentary method .The required data have been gathered via documentary studies and internet sites by using slips. Asking the main question of the research: “What are the principles of effective command charter in the disciplinary force from the Nahjolbalaghah view point” for operating the missions?”, a reasonable and documented answer was given. Utilizing exploratory studies and the experts’ views, twelvefold principles have been designed for the charter.  The researchers believe that through institutionalizing the charter the fivefold capacities (confronting hard, semi-hard, and soft threats, internal deepening, and external deepening) will be configured for the political system of Islam. At the end of the article, some proposals have been presented in three levels to institutionalize it.