Recognizing and Rating Effective Measures for Mosques Location



What has been taken into consideration in this research is the important issue of locating the mosques in urbanism and urban management. For this reason, the research has been pursued by two questions: 1.What are the effective measures for locating the mosques? 2. How much is the weigh of each of the measures for locating the mosques? To answer these questions, at first, the effective measures for locating of the previous studies and the religious works were examined then, the analysis of hierarchical process (AHP) method was used to weigh the measures. The results display that there are 20 main measures which can be divided into four groups of measures including those of population, religion, urbanism, and society from which the measures of the religion and urbanism are more important, respectively.  The scope of access, population density, and facile availability were preferred as the most important measures in the mosques location.