Determining the Effects of Service Culture on Individual and Social Responsibility of the Employees of Aghajari Petroleum and Gas Company, Considering the Role of the Islamic Work Ethics (IWE)


1 Correspondent Author: Graduate Student in Educational Management, Orumiyeh University

2 Associate Professor , Orumiyeh University

3 Assistant Professor, Shahid Madani University, Azarbayejan


The current research has been done to investigate the role of service culture on the promotion of Individual accountability and social responsibility among employees of Aghajari petroleum and gas company. The statistical population includes all of the company employees among which 246 people were selected as the sample by using Cochran formula. The methodology is descriptive– correlative and standard questionnaires were applied for gathering data. In order to evaluate the relations between measured and latent variables in the conceptual model, the structural equation model was utilized. The results indicate that there is a positive and significant correlation among these variables except for the path of service culture and social responsibility. Moreover, the mediator role of IWE in the relations among variables of service culture and social responsibility, and also service culture and individual accountability were confirmed.