Knowledge Management and Islamic Knowledge Management


1 Associate Professor of Malek Ashtar Industrial University

2 Graduate Student in Management Systems and Productivity of Science and Industry University


Knowledge management is one of the success factors of the progressive organizations in the present world. Narrating a few verses and one or two traditions of the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) as their sources, the Sunnites have worked on the Islamic knowledge management. The lack of a certain research based on more applicable verses and traditions of other infallibles( peace be upon them), the principle of Vali-ye-asr (the twelfth Imam ) (May Allah hasten his appearance) and Ijtehad ( practice of religious jurisprudence) led to a motive for eliminating the present gap. The objective of the research is to provide a field for utilizing the Islamic knowledge management and knowledge management from each other. The methodology is qualitative with cyclical process of research approach for analysis. The general consequences indicate that  knowledge  management agrees with the concepts and principles of Islam to the extent that the concepts and bases of  knowledge management can be recognized, redefined, developed by invoking the Quran, traditions, behaviors of the infallibles( peace be upon them), and other sources of the Islamic knowledge in order to use in the direction of the Islamic knowledge management. The Islamic knowledge management synthetic model was presented in the same direction. This study compares knowledge management with the Islamic knowledge management based on the traditions and explains the relation between the holy Quran and the knowledge, especially that of the modern knowledge from the Shia view points for the first time. This research, as a new work in knowledge management, can be applied in numerous Shia fields as in educating, propagating, Islamic invitation,…which  lead to increase knowledge.