Growth and Reinforcement Backgrounds of Guards’ Morality from the Verses and Traditions View Points



The research has been performed in order to deliberate and explain the growth and reinforcement backgrounds of the guards’ morality from the verses and traditions view points. The population of the research are the guards of Islam and the revolution, especially the personnel of the Islamic revolution guards corps. The objective of the research is to introduce the backgrounds and building proper beds for reinforcing them. The methodology is documentary. Deliberating the Islamic sources, verses, and traditions, it was inferred that  backgrounds as Allah’s remembrance, paying attention to man’s real status, looking at work and responsibility as a trust, correct recognition of this world and the hereafter, guardianship-orientation, fighting against worldly desires, financial acquisition, relating with martyrs and learning their manners, hearty connection and relation with the people of the house (peace be upon them), pragmatism of managers and officials, and … are among the backgrounds which lead to the reinforcement of the guards’ morality.