A Model of Man’s Motivation in the Organization from the Holy Quran View Point


1 Correspondent Author: Imam Hussein (pbuh) Complex University Researcher

2 Assistant Professor of Imam Hussein (pbuh) Complex University

3 Associate Professor of Imam Hussein (pbuh) Complex University


The article is to achieve a Quranic theory of man’s motivation in the organization by using the qualitative method of the Grounded Theory. The analysis of the holy verses of the holy Quran and the selection of the contents (codes) are based on the authentic interpretations of the holy Quran. Deliberating all of the verses of the holy Quran, 700 verses related to motivation were selected in this research which led to 287 codes (the second contents), 79 concepts and 10 categories in five axes: effective elements on the motive, effective method on the motive, appropriate backgrounds and fields for creating the motives, and finally, the motive and the consequences of its creation out of which the framework of the motivation model was designed. Narrating the model, which is, in fact, the motivation theory in the holy Quran, is the main part of the article.