Designing Complex Model for Promotion of Halal Brand Position in Ultra Regional Markets Through a Systematic Approach


1 Associate Professor, Imam Hussein (pbuh) University

2 Assistant Professor, Payamnoor University

3 Member of the Scientific Board, Payamnoor University

4 Graduate Student in Business Administration


   The globalization of economy has caused that the need to become familiar with the Islamic perspective toward trade has been turned into an unavoidable necessity in order to comprehend the components of the Moslem customers’ behaviors for global trade. The objective of the research is to design a model for promoting the halal brand position in global markets. The research method is basic and the data have been gathered as in a descriptive research. Using library studies, important effective variables on halal brand have been extracted from the literature review and were become the basis for Delphi method. Then, Delphi questionnaires were given to 30 halal brand experts in Iran. Repeating Delphi method for four times, eventually micro and macro variables of the research were determined. At last, deliberating the experts’ view points, 26 variables in four groups of macro variables were distinguished in the name of structural, behavioral, content, and strategic variables. The complex model for promotion of halal brand position in global markets was designed and validated. In addition, the priority of the recognized variables were explained, analyzed, and interpreted.