Islamic Spiritual Leadership Impression on Organizational Performance )Case Study: Gas Corporation of Lorestan Province)


1 Assistant Professor of Management Department, Isfahan University

2 Correspondent Author: Graduate Student in Business Administration, Isfahan University

3 M.A. In Public Administration


The research has been performed to deliberate the Islamic spiritual leadership impressions on the organizational performance in the gas corporation of Lorestan province by the material and spiritual support of the corporation. The population includes all 200 employees of the corporation from which 127 people were chosen according to Morgan’s table as the statistics sample. Two researchers-made questionnaires of the Islamic spiritual leadership and the organizational performance were used for gathering data. Formal validity method has been used to confirm the validity of the questionnaire. Cronbach’s Alfa coefficient was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. Alfa coefficient of the Islamic spiritual leadership questionnaire (0.86) and that of the organizational performance questionnaire (0.77) were obtained that display the validity of the research questionnaire. The gathered data were analyzed with SPSS20 and SPSS20 softwares. The research assumptions were examined with structural equations. The results of the substantive hypothesis indicated that the Islamic spiritual leadership with the path coefficient of 0.76 and CR=4.930 impresses the organizational performance; and the results of the subordinate hypothesis of the research showed that the Islamic spiritual leadership dimensions as: Remembering God, trusting in God, purity, piety, and believing in the Hereafter with the path coefficient of 0.74, 0.85, 0.79, 0.69, and 0.66 respectively impress the organizational performance.