Nation Building in Imam Khomeini’s (ra) Thought and Ethics of Governorship


1 Ph.D. in Public Administration, Allamah Tabatabaee University

2 Correspondent Author: Gradute Student in Public Administration, Tehran University

3 Associate Professor in Public Administration, Tehran Universit


To build a nation requires a set of elements which can lead to a united nation synergetically. An important feature of the nation building process is expanding a common value and objective, an attainable objective through settling the nation wisely to make preparations for achieving it. In this direction, Imam Khomeini (ra) presented a model of a diligent and wise leader who, based on the authorities’ confirmation, relying on his faith and power of leadership and following the traditions of the innocent (peace be upon them), could mobilize the nation of Iran and motivate them to follow common goals unitedly by giving their properties and lives generously. Using the grounded theory, it has been tried to observe the requirements of building the nation and mobilizing Iranian nation in his governorship style.  Therefore, in the first step, utilizing the historic action research and interpretive methods in the research, the stable nation building indexes in Imam Khomeini’s (ra) thoughts were distinguished; then, primary codes were analyzed and reviewed by MAXQDA for several times. Finally, 20 basic contents out of total data were recognized. Ultimately, referring to the experts and using fuzzy Delphi  method, the importance coefficient and the effects of these elements were deliberated and finally they were confirmed.