Deliberating the Relation Between Selecting Employees Based on the Islamic Criteria and Organizational Effectiveness in Public Organizations of Kerman City


1 Correspondent Author: Doctoral Student in Public Administration, Islamic Free University, Kerman Sciences and Research Unit

2 Assistant Professor, Islamic Free University, East Azarbayejan

3 Graduate Student in Management

4 Faculty member of Islamic free University, Firuzkooh Unit


The objective of the research is deliberating the relation between selecting employees based on the Islamic criteria and organizational effectiveness in public organizations of Kerman City. The research is descriptive and of correlation type which has been performed through the survey method. The employees of the public organizations of Kerman City compose the population of the study. The sampling is systematic and stratified and 330 people have been selected as the sample. Inferential and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The questionnaires for choosing the employees based on the Islamic criteria and organizational effectiveness are tools for gathering data. The achievements of the survey indicate that there is a meaningful relation between selecting employees on the basis of the Islamic criteria, and its sub-variables, i.e., belief in objectives, Knowledge, power, trustworthiness, honesty, clean record, pious heredity, liberality, courage, decisiveness, justice, observing principles, rejecting collusion , sympathy, loving work and organizational  effectiveness.