Recognizing the Achievements of the Internal Tourists in Touring War Regions of Iran (Benefit-oriented Management Approach)


1 M.A. in Tourism Management, Allamah Tabatabaee University

2 Assistant Professor, Allamah Tabatabaee University


The Islamic Republic of Iran was engaged with a long term war imposed by the Bathi Regime of Iraq in 1359.This sacred defense, in addition to external impressions and blessings, has left achievements within the Islamic System. One of the most effective ways for making youngsters of the third generation of the revolution familiar with the achievements of the imposed war and promoting the resistance culture of the sacred defense is their presence in the  operations regions of  the eight-year sacred defense to feel the spiritual space of those regions. Such tours are called “ Rahyan-e- Noor” ( travelers in search of the light) in our country and “ touring war regions” in the scientific literature. Deliberating the results of touring the war regions can contribute the programmers and decision makers to expand and promote the products of war touring in Iran. Using the benefit-oriented approach, the research has been performed in order to recognize the most important achievements and privileges of touring a site related to the war in Iran. This approach includes four levels which are connected to one another hierarchically: motives and reasons for touring (level 1), situation and surroundings (level 2), cognitive and feeling experiences (level 3), and achieved benefits (level 4). Data gathering has been done through library studies, interviewing with specialists, and completing questionnaires in the research. The population of the research includes all Iranians who have, at least once, visited the war regions of the country. The research samples are based on the lumpy sampling which includes 152 people. The results of the research indicate that “spiritual achievement” is the most significant achievement of touring the war regions of our country.