The Improvement of Management Styles in the Endowments Organization and Its Impression on Productivity Increase in Endowment Domain


1 Correspondent Author: M.A. in Economics, Ferdousi University

2 Faculty Member of Ferdousi university

3 Graduate Student in Management, Ferdousi university


The objective of the article is to deliberate the effects of correcting or improving the current methods of management of endowment and endowed properties on increasing productivity of the organization of endowments in direction to the endowers’ objectives in social and economical welfare. The method of this study is survey. The population of the study included three groups: 1) members of the scientific board, specialty doctoral students of the economics and management departments, and economic specialists of economical affaires and asset organization of Khorasan Razavi, 2) employees and specialists of the executive apparatus and banks, and 3) religious specialists. Data gathering has been done through the  questionnaires and interviews with a population of 110 people. The domain of the survey is Mashhad. The sampling of the study is base on nonprobability method from among which the lumpy method has been used. The regression method has been utilized to determine the relation between “improving managerial styles of the endowments and endowed properties” and “increasing the productivity of the endowment field”. The results of the research display that the improvement of the current managerial styles governing on the endowed properties in the endowments organization affects the rate of the productivity in the endowment domain.