Explaining Organizational Citizens Behaviors Based on the Islamic Teachings


1 Correspondent Author: Faculty member of shiraz university

2 Faculty member of Shiraz University

3 M.A. in Industrial Management, Shiraz University


The article is to concentrate on the behaviors of employees in organizations scientifically regarding the forgotten or pale dimensions in organizational development and administration systems transition and to emphasize, through reviewing the scientific achievements and experiences in this field, on a certain kind of these behaviors, that is, citizens behaviors in organizations. Reviewing the philosophical approaches and current models in this field and using a critical approach, the authors try to present a model of organizational citizens behaviors based on the Islamic approach. First, the concept of the organizational citizens behaviors has been explained and the models and literature of this field have been discussed and then, via entering the theory building room in the indigenous management, foundations for conceptualizing citizens behaviors, from the religious point of view, have been provided. In this direction, choosing qualitative research approach, and utilizing metasynthetic method, related texts were distinguished and appraised from which some texts were selected for this research. In the next step, selected texts were deliberated in order to extract the evidences of citizens behaviors. Finally, through classifying the evidences in the shape of different concepts and categories, the citizens behaviors were conceptualized based on the Islamic perspective.