An Introduction to the Recognition of Human Needs from the Holy Quran View Point Based on People’s Spiritual Needs Preference in the Hierarchy of Needs


Assistant Professor at Imam Hussein (pbuh) University


  The article has been formulated to recognize positive and negative human needs based on the holy  Quran perspective. Reviewing the literature, studying human needs levels in the physiological and mental dimensions, and explaining the dimensions and elements of the current theories and models obviously specify the lack of the religious and spiritual approaches in the hierarchy of human needs. The research, in regard to the objective and type, is basic and applied respectively. With respect to data gathering it is called qualitative - descriptive.   In the present research the human needs have been classified in five categories as those of Maslo. The author has tired to emphasize on spiritual needs more than material ones. The most important advantage of this research is to recognize and introduce the positive effective elements and hindrances in providing the needs according to the holy Quran view points. Based on the research, seven affirmative and seven negative elements for the “life need”, twelve affirmative and eight negative elements for the “security need”, nine affirmative and seven negative elements for the “affection need”, eleven affirmative and seven negative elements for the “generosity need”, and nine affirmative and six negative elements for the “perfection need” were recognized, determined, and introduced.