Impression of Managers’ Good Characters on Employees’ Happiness Based on Islamic Teachings


1 Assistant Professor at Isfahan University

2 Student of master’s degree


This study is to investigate the impression of managers’ good characters on the employees’ happiness based on Islamic teachings.
This is an applied research.  The population is consisted of the employees of Roudehen education department. Delphi method and elite polling were used to determine the elements of managers’ good characters. Two questionnaires, made by the researchers, were used to collect the data of good characters of the managers and employees’ happiness. For the analysis of the collected data the Pearson correlation test software SpSS18 and structural equation approach by Amos18 software were applied to check and test the research hypotheses. The results showed that managers of good characters with a correlation coefficient of 0.63 have a direct positive relationship with the employees’ happiness. And the elements of good characters of   managers and employees’ happiness are linked directly and positively. The results of structural equation showed managers’ good characters have impact on the employees’ happiness by  the path coefficient value of 0.89 and critical ratio of 3.69. The elements of managers’ good characters affect the employees’ happiness