Author = Adel Azar
Designing Transcendence Management Model for the Holy Defense Combatants

Volume 23, Issue 3, March 2020, Pages 9-46

Mohammad Javad Saadatjoo; Mesbaholhoda Bagheri Kani; Adel Azar

Designing an Organizational Multilevel Rationality Model with Islamic Approach

Volume 25, Issue 4, February 2018, Pages 41-63

Adel Azar; Abbas Moghbel Baarz; Valiollah Nagipourfar; Abdolhussein Neisi

Recognizing and Ranking Performance Appraisal Indices of Tehran Mosques

Volume 22, Issue 2, June 1393, Pages 207-232

Sayyed Sajjad Mir Ghazanfari; Meisam Latifi; Adel Azar

Recognizing and Rating Effective Measures for Mosques Location

Volume 21, Issue 2, April 1392, Pages 205-222

Adel Azar; Maisam Latifi; Mahdi Torkamani